What We Do

Hiring people should not be a numbers game. If you see enough candidates (qualified or not) you may eventually find the perfect employee, but just imagine the time and energy you would have to invest to make that happen.

Even better, fill the position with a temporary employee, friend or family member just to help hold down the fort until you find the right fit. Then spend nights and weekends pouring over resumes, just hoping to find a candidate that matches your needs.

At Pinnacle Professional Staffing we know there is a better way! You can continue to care for your patients and focus on the success of your practice, and we will work to find you the best candidates in the field.

What We Do:

-Build a database of qualified professionals.
-Shorten the time to bring you the best candidate, so you can continue to concentrate on the success of your practice.
-Perform an intensive screening process to identify the strongest candidates in the job market to fill your position.
-Check references and credentials.
-Interview candidates to ascertain their experience and career goals.
-Inform the candidates about your practice and job requirements (while protecting your anonymity).
-Narrow the field and present you with most qualified candidate options.

What You Do:

-Conduct telephone interviews with the top 3-4 qualified candidates.
-Invite your choice/s to a face-to-face interview.
-Choose the best medical professional for your practice.
-Save time and continue to deliver care and service to your patients.