About The Owners

Lori W Allen

Lori W Allen, BS

Lori W. Allen is a top practice adviser and consultant in the field with over 20 years’ experience helping over 300 practices to optimize practice strategies and enhance clinical outcomes, growth and profitability. Lori recognizes the challenges of staffing and the effect this has on your thriving practice, and that every position is key in practice flow and patient care. She knows what it takes to build your strong team, one amazing hire at a time.

Jade Malay

Jade Malay, DC, RN, Board Certified

Dr. Jade Malay is a Registered Nurse, Doctor of Chiropractic, entrepreneur and will soon complete her schooling as Certified Nurse Practitioner. She is founder of a wildly successful integrated practice with abundant experience in the management and creation of many successful practices. Dr. Malay has seen first-hand the importance of hiring highly-talented, engaged staff, and she has successfully built teams that exemplify the tenants of patient care and practice growth.

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