Time to hire an employee

Sounds really simple… run an ad, conduct a phone interview, conduct an office interview, make the right choice, make an offer, get an acceptance and on board new employee.  These are all the things you can do in your spare time to be sure that you fit the right person into your practice/company.

Are you aware of the types of questions you cannot ask in an interview without getting in to serious trouble?  There are professional ‘interviewees’ out there that are just itching for their next victim.  If you decide to hire on your own be sure that you are up to date on these types of interview questions.  If an interviewee offers too much personal information that you aren’t even asking about ask them to allow you to complete the interview with the questions you need answered to stay on course.  If they continue to ‘over indulge’  it seems like they aren’t listening and probably aren’t the right fit so quickly end the interview and thank them for their time.

I did a quick collection of interview question categories to help you hone in on the right Candidate.  Do you need any of these traits for your position?

Interview Question Categories


Handling Stress


Goal Orientation

Attendance/ Punctuality

Creativity and Innovation

Problem Solving/Analytical Skills

Career Ambitions

Ability to Learn



Organization/Attention to Detail/Time Usage

Interpersonal Communication Skills



Decision Making


Writing Skills



Evaluating Performance

Employee Relations


Organizational Relationships

Analytical Skills

Performance Standards

Learning Ability

Sales Drive and Career Goals

Organizational Skills

Handling Rejection

Sales Strategies

Customer Relations


Risk Taking



Independence and Initiative

Business Writing/Editing

Handling Pressure

Prioritizing Work

Orientation to Detail

Career Goals


Internal Relations

Let’s say you need half of these categories and each category has only 3 questions that means that you only need to ask 66 questions during the interview to complete one interview.

My point here is that Pinnacle Professional Staffing understands this process, its what we do all day, it is our specialty and we continue to ask questions until the final decision is made.

Why not call me Ken @ 412-765-2067 and ask me some questions to see if I measure up to your search firm expectations and the let me ask the rest of the questions to find you the right individual to bring into your practice/company.  If I am not the one I respect that but if I am it could be the best 10 minute conversation you ever had.  You can go back to doing what you do, improving the health and wellness of your patients, and I can do what I do finding you the perfect person with the same passion.