Get the right person for your practice

Get the Right Person for Your Practice


  1. Attitude


  • Respectful employees are willing to treat other people politely and professionally, even if they disagree with the other person’s point of view.


  • A prideful attitude doesn’t mean that an employee won’t accept help or work in teams; it simply means that positive outcomes and valuable contributions to the practice matter a great deal to him/her.


  • Employees project a committed attitude by showing a willingness to do whatever it takes to fulfill the duties of their positions and engage in the development of new ideas to make the practice even better.
  • It is important to have a helpful attitude at work, whether that means assisting patients with their needs or helping co-workers accomplish overall goals.


  1. Passion

  • Passion intensifies focus.
  • Passion enables innovation and creativity.
  • Passion provides the drive to persevere, to avoid cutting corners, and to pursue excellence.
  • Passion creates energy among colleagues that allows work to be completed more quickly.


  1. Punctuality

What It Communicates:

  • Punctuality communicates a plethora of positives to your staff members. It shows dedication to the job, interest in the work and the ability of handling responsibility.

What It Achieves:

  • When staff members are punctual, the practice operates more smoothly as a whole. For instance, when everyone is on time for a meeting, the meeting is able to start in full stride.

What it Affects:

  • Lack of punctuality not only affects the “machine” of the practice — it affects the people in it. It may lead to resentment, as staff members who are on time compare themselves to late-comers.
  • Lateness leads to stress, and stress leads to poor performance. Being consistently late should not be tolerated.


  1. Work Ethic


  • Integrity stretches to all aspects of a staff member’s job. A staff member with integrity fosters trusting relationships with patients, coworkers and supervisors.

Sense of Responsibility

  • When staff members feel personally responsible for their job performance, they show up on time, put in their best effort and complete assignments to the best of their ability.

Emphasis on Quality

  • Staff members with a strong work ethic care about the quality of their work. The staff member’s commitment to quality improves the practice’s overall quality.


  • It takes a certain level of commitment to finish your tasks every day. A staff member with good discipline stays focused on his/her goals and is determined to complete their These staff members show a high level of dedication to the practice, always ensuring they do their part.

Sense of Teamwork

  • Staff members have to work together to meet a practice’s objectives. These staff members respect their peers and help where they can, making collaborations go smoother.


  1. Being Coachable
  • Staff members need to demonstrate a commitment to their development. That means they will be more willing to accept feedback, more willing to try something new, and more willing to confess if they didn’t do something right—because they see that moment as a learning opportunity.
  • They need to have capacity to get to the skill level you want them to reach.


  1. Keeping Promises

  • Be who you say you are.
  • Do what you say you’ll do.


  1. Compatibility

  • You should know the culture of your practice. Do they fit?
  • Some simple questions to ask
    • What do you do for fun?
    • What was your favorite job and why?
    • What helps you get along with a co-worker?
    • What did you like the most about your last workplace?
    • What did you not like about your last workplace?


Ken Allen has joined the staff as Senior Recruiter.  Ken comes from a solid managerial background that spans over 40 years.  He was owner of a successful recruiting /placement firm based out of Memphis, TN for six of those years.


Ken understands the challenges and frustrations that can occur when a critical position in your practice is vacant.


Please remember Ken and Pinnacle Professional Staffing to assist in filling your next vacancy or addition to staff with a top qualified candidate that has been pre-screened and selected specifically for you.


We don’t simply deliver resumes, we build teams!


Get the Right Person for Your Practice